Monday, August 21, 2017

#FGS2017 Conference App Released

The mobile app for the FGS 2017 Genealogy Conference in Pittsburgh is now available!

With the app, you can keep your schedule, maps, list of speakers, and up-to-date information at your fingertips.  Plus, you can easily connect with fellow attendees.

Download the Guidebook App on your iOS or Android mobile device or you can even access it on your desktop or laptop!

Follow these detailed steps to download the app:

1.  Download Guidebook

  • Search for "Guidebook" in the Apple, Google, or Amazon app stores, OR
  • Navigate to on your device's web browser, OR
  • For desktop users or users with Windows Phones or non-Blackberry 10+ devices, navigate to in your web browser (at this time, we only offer a native Guidebook app for iOS, Android, Blackberry 10+, and Amazon Kindle).
Follow the prompts on your screen, and the app will download.

2. Download the FGS 2017 Guide

Now that you have the Guidebook app, it's time to download the guide for FGS 2017! Open up the Guidebook app on your device to get started. Note: Internet access is required for this step.
  • Use the Search box to type in "FGS 2017" (without the quotes) in the guide bar at the top.
  • Tap the download button.
If you accidentally download the wrong guide, no worries! From the "My Guides" screen, tap the guide you wish to delete until you get a message that says "Unsync [name of guide]?" and press OK.

Note: After you delete the guide, it will appear at the end of the "Guides For You" lineup in case you accidentally deleted it or would like to access it again soon.

Desktop, Windows, non-Blackberry 10 users

On your phone's web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.), type in

Click on the search bar below "Select a Category". Type in "FGS 2017" (without the quotes), and tap on "Search" or "Return" in the bottom right of your keyboard. View the results, and click on your event to download!

Note: If you are able to download a native app for your phone, a small "Get the Guidebook app" banner will appear at the top of your screen. Click this to download the native app.

3. Open and explore the FGS 2017 Conference Guide!

For more detailed instructions for downloading and navigating the FGS 2017 Guidebook App, visit:

Online Registration Deadline

Online registration for FGS 2017 ends at midnight EDT on August 21, so don't delay!

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