Thursday, May 4, 2017

Food, Friends, & Genealogy

Where can you find food, friends, and genealogy all in one place?  At FGS conference luncheons, of course!

Whether you are attending the conference alone or with friends, you’ll have built-in lunch companions who share your interest in genealogy. Plus, each luncheon features a guest speaker so you can pack even more genealogy learning into your day.

The luncheons at FGS 2017 will be in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, which makes them easy and convenient lunch choices during the conference. 

This year’s conference offers one luncheon on Wednesday, four on Thursday, and four on Saturday. (The FGS 2017 conference committee has something special planned for Friday. Stay tuned for details about the Exhibit Hall Lunch in a future post.)

Each luncheon is sponsored; however, you do not need to be a member of the sponsoring organization to attend.


Federation of Genealogical Societies Luncheon

Focus on Societies, by FGS Leadership

Join FGS leadership and lend your voice to a discussion of the various ways the Federation serves its member community, along with a look at new benefits on the horizon and those your society would most like to see. 

Time will also be reserved for “Society Shout-Out,” offering you the opportunity to share successes from your society from the past year. This session also includes the FGS Annual Business Meeting and other important activities for society leaders and FGS delegates.


Association of Professional Genealogists Luncheon

Professional Ethics: Yes, No, Maybe, and Maybe Not? by Judy G. Russell JD, CG, CGL

Genealogists deal with sensitive issues all the time: how to handle family secrets, what to say about living people, crediting the work of others. 

National Genealogical Society Luncheon

Paths to Our Past, by Jan Alpert FNGS

Learn how NGS can help you discover and explore the paths to your past. 

International Society for British Genealogy and Family History Luncheon

Iklamore? What Did You Say? by David McDonald DMin, CG

We are divided only by a common language.

FamilySearch Luncheon

FamilySearch Historical Records: An Inside Look at Acquiring, Preserving & Sharing Records, by Stephen J. Valentine

An inside look at recent breakthroughs in how FamilySearch acquires, preserves, and shares records.


New England Historic Genealogical Society Luncheon

Treasures from the NEHGS Art Collection, by David Allen Lambert

NEHGS has an important collection of art that tells the story of America. From the humble—family land deeds —to the exceptional—a wingback chair from the Hancock Mansion—it’s all here. Eight floors of art bring history to life at the Society’s Newbury Street headquarters.

Board for Certification of Genealogists Luncheon

Back to the Future with a Self-Driving Car: Genealogy in 2117, by Harold Henderson CG

Nobody knows the future but anyone can take a guess. Robot genealogists? Multimedia scholarly journals? A “right to be forgotten”? Cursive writing as a conspiratorial code? One thing for sure, people will still want to know about the past, and how we ever managed.

Genealogical Speakers Guild/International Society of Family History Writers and Editors Luncheon

Passion and Profession: Ten Lessons I’ve Learned as a Genealogist, by Lisa A. Alzo MFA

Our ancestors can inspire us in surprising ways. One genealogist shares how exploring her roots resulted in an unexpected career and the ten lessons she learned along the way.

New York Genealogical & Biographical Society Luncheon

Does New York Research Require “Mull & Pondering?” A Southern Perspective, by J. Mark Lowe CG, FUGA

With records extending before 1650, what does a southern researcher think about the wonderful stories from the state of New York and colonies preceding? Does he even know where to begin?

Luncheon Registration

Tickets for Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday luncheons are $32 each and require advance purchase. You can purchase luncheons when registering for the FGS 2017 conference. If you have already registered for the conference and received a confirmation email, then you can use this form to add luncheons to your schedule.

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