Friday, October 28, 2016

2016 FGS Election Results

The Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) announces the results of its recent election for FGS officers and board members. The election was conducted online September 1-30, with all FGS delegates eligible to vote. Office terms for those elected will begin on January 1, 2017.

Concerning the recent election results, outgoing FGS President D. Joshua Taylor states, "It has been an honor to lead the Federation for the past four years. I cannot wait to watch the Federation continue to grow under the leadership and direction of Rorey and the Board of Directors in the coming years."

President-elect Rorey Cathcart adds, “Thank you for this wonderful privilege and opportunity to serve the Federation as President. I look forward to working with our talented, dedicated Board of Directors on behalf of our member societies and the genealogical community at large.”

Executive Committee – Two-year term ending December 31, 2018

President: Rorey Cathcart (South Carolina)
VP Administration: Teri Flack (Texas)
Secretary: Linda McCauley (Kentucky)

Board of Directors – Three-year term ending December 31, 2019

Director: Jennifer Baldwin (Colorado)
Director: Tonia Kendrick (Georgia)
Director: Barry Kline (Virginia)
Director: Juliana Szucs (Indiana)

The complete list of current FGS officers and board members can be found on the FGS website at

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fall Issue of FORUM is out: Female Ancestors: Discovering Their Stories, Form Strong Membership Bonds Using SIGs and Small Study Groups, & more!

The Fall 2016 issue of FORUM is out today. Download your copy and kick off family history month with ideas for your research and your society.

"Female Ancestors: Discovering Their Stories" by Melissa Barker challenges you to see your female ancestors in a different light and contemplate the records that can help you tell their stories and advance your research.

In "Form Strong Membership Bonds Using SIGs and Small Study Groups" Cari A. Taplin, CG, discusses the difference between special interest and study groups and how these kinds of groups can supplement your society's education programming and build membership.

Learn how easy it is to bring your genealogical society to your members  in "Up Periscope: Mobile Live Streaming for Your Society" by Elizabeth Swanay-O'Neal.

And that's not all. Take a peek inside.

Table of Contents

3 ...... From the Editor

6 ...... President's Message: Looking Ahead by D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS

7 ...... Female Ancestors: Discovering Their Stories by Melissa Barker

11 ...... Form Strong Membership Bonds Using SIGs and Small Study Groups by Cari A. Taplin, CG

15 ...... A Look Back at FGS 2016 by Linda McCauley

19 ...... Up Periscope: Mobile Live Streaming for Your Society by Elizabeth Swanay-O'Neal

25 ...... Preserve the Pensions Project Fully Funded

27 ...... Ethics & Standards: Author: Unknown by Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL

30 ...... Next Generation: Always Look for the Newest Sources by Shannon Combs-Bennett

32 ...... Forensic Genealogy: Educational Opportunities for the Forensic Genealogist by Michael S. Ramage, JD, CG

34 ...... Beyond Boxes & Binders: How Do I Make My Stories Interesting? by Linda Coffin

36 ...... Records Preservation & Access: RPAC News, New Online Indexes & More by Linda McCleary, MLS

39 ...... Reviews

Check out the FGS 2017 conference flyer at the end of this issue!

How to access FORUM:

Current FGS Member Society Leadership: Sign-in now to start reading immediately or download it to read on your desktop or mobile device. (After signing in, click on FGS FORUM – Latest Issue in the sidebar.) Don't forget to renew your membership in order for your society's leadership to continue to access FORUM and its archives.

Current FGS FORUM subscribers (individuals): sign-in now to start reading immediately or download it to read on your desktop or mobile device. (After signing in, click on Volume 28 No. 3 to read.)

Who can subscribe to FORUM? Anyone. You don't have to be a member of a genealogical society in order to subscribe.

Not already a subscriber? You can subscribe today to FGS FORUM.

Genealogical Society Leaders: If your society is not a member of the Federation of Genealogical Societies, become one today and let your society's leadership begin accessing FORUM and its 25+ year archives which is just one of the many benefits of FGS membership. Read more about how else FGS empowers Member Society Leaders to manage successful societies.
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