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FGS 2016: Information Professionals and Genealogy

FGS 2016: Information Professionals and Genealogy FGSConference.org
Information Professionals — A Day Just for You in the Land of Lincoln
Are you an information professional wanting to explore perspectives on genealogy information, get some behind-the-scenes looks at collections, and also network with other genealogy information professionals?

Librarians' Day at the FGS 2016 National Genealogy Conference is a pre-conference event on Tuesday, August 30, 2016, and is designed for librarians, archivists, and other information professionals serving family history researchers and the genealogy community.

Sponsored by ProQuest, this year's theme is "Sharing Ourselves and Our Collections." Experts will reveal their unique perspectives on offering genealogical collections, oral histories, and experiences, as well as family history’s relationship with local tourism.

FGS 2016: Information Professionals and Genealogy
Wyndham Springfield City Centre, Abraham Presidential Library & Museum, and Lincoln Library, The Public Library of Springfield, IL

The morning sessions and lunch will be held at the Wyndham Springfield City Centre (700 E. Adams Street, Springfield). Afternoon sessions will be held off site at the Lincoln Library and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. Attendees will have an opportunity to attend both afternoon sessions.

Take a look at the lineup:

“Family History Beyond the Family Tree”
Mark DePue, Director of Oral History, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

“FamilySearch Family History Resources for Librarians”
Robert Raymond, Deputy Chief Genealogical Officer, FamilySearch

“A Capital Idea: A look at the Sangamon Valley Collection, the regional collection of genealogy and history for Lincoln Library”
Curtis Mann, Historian, City of Springfield, Illinois; Manager of the Sangamon Valley Collection at Lincoln Library, the Public Library of Springfield

“Tour of Sangamon Valley Collection: A first-hand look at this well respected local history collection”
Location: Lincoln Library, 326 S. Seventh Street, Springfield
Curtis Mann

“Proper Environment, Proper Storage, Proper Handling”
Location: Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, 212 N. Sixth Street, Springfield
Bonnie Parr, Historical Documents Conservator, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

Then the next four days, informational professionals can immerse themselves in genealogy, family history, and even society-related sessions — all in the Land of Lincoln! Plus, take advantage of all the built-in networking opportunities at the conference.

Register for the conference now and add-on Librarians’ Day ($10 and includes lunch)! If you've already registered for the conference, sign-in again and add Librarians' Day. E-mail any questions you have about Librarians' Day at FGS 2016 to librariansday@fgs.org.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

FGS 2016: Behind the Scenes Look - 10,000+ Illinois Family Farms

FGS 2016: Behind the Scenes Look - 10,000+ Illinois Family Farms
Illinois Family Farms Table Runners (Credit: Laura Kovarik, ISGS)

10,000+ FAMILY FARMS!!

That is how many family farms are enrolled in the Illinois Department of Agriculture Centennial and Sesquicentennial Farm program (according to the website).

When planning the Farms & Families: Across the Decades reception for the FGS 2016 Conference, the original idea was to create displays on a select few participants. But which ones? That became the question. 

After wrestling with how to pick which farms to showcase, the answer arrived like the proverbial bolt from the blue – do them ALL!! 

Again, the wrestling match began on HOW to do them all. So idea of writing every name was born. Where could so many names be displayed? On the tables. The final project took form. 

Part of the table decorations will include runners with every name and the date of original purchase of a Centennial and Sesquicentennial farm in Illinois. EVERY ONE. Any family that has taken the time to fill out the paperwork and seek designation deserves to be honored for their genealogical work.

The names and dates will be handwritten on paper runners. Yes, the goal is to get all 102 counties and all 10,000 plus names on the runners before Wednesday, August 31. Will it get done? Right now, we are have over 3,000 names on runners. 

Check the ISGS Facebook page for updates. And maybe you will just have to come to the special event, "Farms and Families: Across the Decades," 7pm-9pm on Wednesday evening to see if we made our goal!

Not yet registered for the FGS 2016 National Genealogy Conference in Springfield, Illinois, August 31—Sep 3rd, 2016? Register today and add-on the special event, "Farm and Families: Across the Decades" which is sponsored by FamilySearch and co-hosted by the Illinois State Genealogical Society and the Illinois State Historical Society. Already registered? Sign-in again and add this or other events, luncheons, and workshops!

Laura Kovarik
Local Host Chair
Illinois State Genealogical Society

 Register for FGS 2016 today at FGSConference.org!

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