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FGS 2016: Trying to Build Your Family Tree with DNA?

FGS 2016: Trying to Build Your Family Tree with DNA? Register today at
Need help learning about DNA for genealogy?

Our 8 DNA Sessions Can Help With That

Using DNA for genealogy can get confusing, but once you get the hang of it, you can begin to use it to break down some long-standing family history research brick walls.

At the FGS National Conference in Springfield, Illinois, our DNA for genealogy experts will help you learn what you need to know — whether you are just a beginner or have already tested! On the Friday of our 4-day conference, we have devoted a full track to DNA for genealogy learning, and on Saturday, we have two more sessions dedicated to learning all about Ancestry DNA.

Friday — DNA Track


Diahan Southard, FGS 2016 National Conference DNA Speaker via

►F-307 Every Surname in Your Pedigree Can Benefit from YDNA Testing

Learn basic and intermediate principles of using YDNA to verify and extend your pedigree chart, including how to make the most of your family project.

►F-323 What Now? Your Next Steps with Autosomal DNA Testing

Overwhelmed with autosomal DNA? I can teach you in 45 minutes tools you can implement and understand today so you can find your ancestors tomorrow.


Randy Whited, FGS 2016 National Conference DNA Speaker via

►F-344 Genograms: Family Medical History and Cluster Research

Learn about genograms and how to adapt them to your research. By providing a different view of relationships, they can make patterns and gaps more easily recognizable.


Blaine Bettinger, FGS 2016 National Conference DNA Speaker via

►F-315 Using Free Third-Party Tools to Analyze Your Autsomal DNA

Although DNA testing companies provide their own analysis of test results, there are free third-party tools that can benefit genealogists.

►F-352 DNA and the Genealogical Proof Standard

Learn how DNA test results are increasingly an important component of the genealogical proof standard!

►F-336 Genetic Self-Education: Where to Go for Help

You've received your DNA test results, but you have no idea what they mean. Where do you go for more information? How do you educate yourself about genetic genealogy?

Saturday — DNA Sessions


Anna Swayne, FGS 2016 National Conference DNA Speaker via

►S-412 Finding Family History Discoveries Using AncestryDNA
Sponsored by Ancestry

Come as a beginner to learn how AncestryDNA works and what it is. Come as an intermediate to learn how DNA matching, DNA Circles, and New Ancestor Discoveries technology help validate your research and find new leads.

►S-433 Cracking the Case with DNA
Sponsored by Ancestry

Want to use your DNA results to break down a brick wall in your family tree? In this class we will show you step-by-step how to use DNA to solve mysteries in your family tree and answer your own genealogical questions.

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