Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Show Your Volunteers Gratitude, Nominate Them for an FGS Award

The winter holidays are over and genealogical societies are returning to regular activities. To accomplish all that each society must do requires many dedicated volunteers. Does your group recognize those volunteers? Who are the tireless volunteers that give of their time year after year? Did one volunteer complete a spectacular project in the last year? Are you aware of an organization that does great things for its members?
Each year at the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) Conference, awards are presented to genealogical societies and individuals for outstanding or notable service to the genealogical community. This year many awards will be presented during the August 31-September 3, 2016 FGS Conference in Springfield, Illinois. These awards and others presented during the year are announced in FGS publications. It’s a great way to let a wide audience know about your organization, activities, and volunteers.

You are encouraged to nominate individuals or societies to receive these awards of recognition. You know the societies and the people who make up those organizations. You know the activities and projects that an individual or society has successfully undertaken.

A full list of award categories is on the FGS website. We encourage everyone to make a nomination. You do not need to belong to a FGS member organization in order to make a nomination. More information about the awards and a link to a submission form can be found at the FGS website. Nominations may be made at any time, but to be considered for the conference in August 2016, the nominations must be received by 15 July 2016.

These are the people, the societies, and the activities FGS desires to recognize and thank with these awards.

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