Tuesday, September 1, 2015

First of the Month Reminder: Update Your Society's Contact Information

First of the Month Reminder: Update Your Society's Contact Information via FGS.org

Has your society had a recent change in leadership? Don't miss out on your FGS Member Benefits because of the change in leadership. Sign-on today to make sure all of your society contact information is correct.

At the same time, enhance your society's listing by adding social media links; updates about regular meetings; and any other information a potential society member might need to know about your organization.

Remember, every month thousands of people from around the world access the FGS Membership Network looking for information about their ancestors in a society, library, or archive in the areas their ancestors may have lived.

Here's how to sign-on:

  1. Go to: http://fgs.org/members.php
  2. Enter your user name and password.
  3. Update your society's contact information.
  4. Need help with the updating? Download the Guide to Maintaining Your Profile located under the FGS Members-Only Files behind the membership wall.
Forgotten your sign-on information? Here's how to recover that:

Click on the ? (question mark) on the member sign-on page and follow the directions to have your password reset.


Send a quick email to membership@fgs.org.

While you're there behind the wall updating and enhancing your society's contact information, don't forget to have a look at our society management tools and benefits we provide members such as:

  • Partner Benefits;
  • Expert reviews of a member society's bylaws, website, and/or website; 
  • Informative Reach Out Series, downloadable PDFs which provide helpful advice to societies for local/regional outreach;
  • Access to all archived FGS webinars;
  • And more! Sign-on now to access tools and services to help you manage your society effectively so your society can spend more time on its purpose and goals.
Is your society or organization not a member? We can help with that too. Join today.

Caroline M. Pointer
Vice-President of Membership

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