Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Publication Challenges to 21st Century Societies

Originally appeared in The Graphic, June 30, 1877 (p. 617); courtesy of Wikimedia
If you are the editor of a society publication - whether it's a journal, quarterly, or magazine, print or electronic (or both) - you have probably experienced a few challenges along the way, from marketing to content acquisition to distribution of your publication.

Do you have recurring columns or other items that your readers can count on seeing in every issue?  Are your news items consistently out of date because they are published in your quarterly rather than in a more timely newsletter or blog post?  Are you limiting the ways your readers can receive your publication?

Guest Matt Wright (former Co-Editor of the FGS Forum) discusses these and other challenges associated with a wide variety of society publications and many ways to overcome them or use them to your advantage.

Listen to the archived broadcast of "Publication Challenges to 21st Century Societies" on the blogtalkradio My Society channel by FGS, or you can listen below:

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