Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How Special Interest Groups Can Add to Your Society

How Special Interest Groups Can Add to Your Society via FGS.org
SIGs for Genealogy Societies
Every society has members who are knowledgeable about a specific research topic - whether a particular ethnic group, record group, geographic area, methodology, or technology.  Is your society tapping into this fantastic resource?

Guest Carol Rooksby-Weidlich (President of the Lee County Genealogical Society in Cape Coral, Florida) explains how important special interest groups are to a genealogy society and how her organization has successfully leveraged this concept.

Special Interest Groups (SIG) are smaller, informal groups that usually meet separately from a society's regular meetings and their discussions are focused on the specific topic of interest.  These specialized groups give your members a chance to focus on a particular research area without taking valuable time away from your regular meetings, and prevent members from feeling like they waste their time listening to topics that don't apply to them (which keeps them coming back!).  SIGs also appeal to potential new members who might be looking for more focused programs.

If your society is quite small, you might consider partnering with one or two other nearby societies to create a few SIGs, which could promote growth for all societies involved while simultaneously creating a relationship between the societies that could lead to future benefits.

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