Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Web-based Fundraising Opportunities

Web-based Fundraising Opportunities via FGS.org
Learn ways to afford all those new projects!
It's a new year. You've installed a new board. You've had your roundtable discussions and your society is armed with plenty of new ideas ... but no financial resources to make them happen. What now?

Guest Mark Olsen explains some ways your society can raise money—both actively and passively—so your society can afford to tackle all those new projects!

If your society has an internet presence, there are many genealogy vendors who offer affiliate links that you can put on your website or blog and earn money when people click on your link.  Some vendors also provide discount offers on their services that can only be obtained through your society.

These are excellent options, especially for the smaller society that wants to avoid increasing membership dues.

Listen to the archived broadcast of "Web-based Fundraising Opportunities" on the blogtalkradio My Society channel by FGS, or you can listen below:

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