Saturday, January 24, 2015

Urgent! Indiana State Library Could Lose Its Genealogy Department

The following was received from the Indiana Genealogical Society:

Have you heard the news? The Indiana State Library in Indianapolis is in danger of having its entire genealogy department eliminated. Governor Pence's proposed budget (House Bill 1001) - which is currently being considered by the Indiana legislature - calls for a 24% cut in funding for the Indiana State Library, including the elimination of the library's entire genealogy department (please read Indiana State Librarian Jacob Speer'sfull report on the proposed budget cuts).

The cut would only save $400,000, but if enacted, it would be a devastating loss, not just to Indiana residents, but to all those across the country who utilize the library in their research. Did you know that the library's statistics show that almost half of all their interactions with the public concern genealogy? And those interactions are only going to increase as 2016 - the state's bicentennial celebration - gets closer.

WHAT TO DO: The proposed budget is just that - a proposal. Legislators can change the budget and adjust funding levels before it comes to a final vote. Members of the House Ways and Means Committee - chaired by Rep. Tim Brown - are the ones to contact first. E-mail or phone are recommended, as they will make the quickest impact:
Rep. Tim Brown, Committee Chair - fill out this contact form that's already designated to go to Rep. Brown. Or you can manually e-mail him at
House Ways and Means Committee - go to their committee pageand scroll down the left side to see the list of the Majority Members. Click on one of the photos to see their contact information.
Call the switchboard - 1-800-382-9841

If you're an Indiana resident, you can also contact your specific legislators before it comes to the full General Assembly for a vote - use the handy Find Your Legislator tool.

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  1. If this happens would the Indiana Historical assume responsiblity for the State Library holdings?


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