Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Kickstarter Funding for Your Genealogy Society Project

Still trying to figure out how to find the funds to implement all of your society's new projects?

Have you considered crowdfunding?  Guests Kathleen Brandt (of a3Genealogy) and Maureen Taylor (the "Photo Detective") have each started Kickstarter projects and discuss the finer points of applying for and promoting your project.

This approach serves multiple purposes:

  • it allows your society to implement projects without digging into (and usually depleting) the operating account;
  • it's a great way to let the community (local, regional, virtual, etc.) know what projects your society is working on;
  • it's a great way to get your society's name out there - which could increase your membership (making future funding even easier!)

Think about it.  It's much easier to get a couple of bucks from a thousand people than it is to get $100 from 20 people.  Right?

This type of funding reaches more people faster, and allows more societies and other organizations to raise funds for projects to preserve local, state, regional, or even national history that might otherwise never see the light of day.

Listen to the archived broadcast of "Kickstarter Funding for Your Genealogy Society Project" on the blogtalkradio My Society channel by FGS, or you can listen below:

Check Out History Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with mysociety on BlogTalkRadio

For more information, check out these articles from our Society Strategy Series:

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