Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 FGS David S. Vogels, Jr. Award

FGS’ David S. Vogels, Jr., Award is given to an individual in recognition of outstanding career contributions to FGS. Former FGS President, David S. Vogels (1980s), personified such contributions to FGS. At the FGS conference, instead of beginning with the winner’s name, the presentation began with the reasons why this specific person was being presented with this award. This is the text that was given that day:

Where to begin to describe the current winner This person had made immense and dedicated contributions to FGS over many years and has been a devoted conference and event planner with innovative ideas. In addition, has played key roles in FGS leadership, often stepping in when major help and time commitments. Vacations and family events have been arranged around FGS needs whenever possible

As a past president of FGS, this person made many trips related to conference planning for FGS. As of that isn’t enough for a key volunteer, this person also parked her car in the driveway to provide a space in their garage for storing many FGS conference materials. Then she volunteered to handle the voluminous FGS mail, email, phone calls, mailings, and other office duties for several years.

Among the other FGS responsibilities of this person
  • Past member, FGS Board of Directors
  • Past President, FGS
  • Has been active with several FGS member societies
  • Continues to be active with FGS
Plus she is always smiling!

In case you didn’t already guess, the person to whom these statements applied is Pat Oxley of Texas. Pat has had a health challenge this past year and there weren’t many dry eyes in the hall as she came forward to accept this award from Josh Taylor, the current FGS President. Once again, congratulations on this well-deserved award, Pat.

Learn more about the lineup of FGS awards for which someone in your organization might be eligible at  Then fill out the nomination form for an individual or organization and submit it online.

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