Thursday, December 11, 2014

New FORUM Issue: Tips for Writing Your Family History, Help with DNA Test Results, & More!

Latest issue of FGS' FORUM is now available.

Latest issue of FGS' FORUM is now available!

How are you keeping track of all your DNA test results?

DNA Testing for genealogy has become a very popular tool to help you with your family history research. However, handling all the test results that come back for a typical autosomal DNA test can be overwhelming and quickly become unwieldy. In the latest issue of FORUM, the Gadget Guy, Randy Whited, takes a look at a comprehensive research tool for organizing all of your autosomal DNA test results in "Genome Mate: A Comprehensive Research Tool for Autosomal DNA Results."

How to write your family history in an entertaining yet accurate way?

With the holidays comes visits with family and loved ones...and questions about when you are going to get started with that family history you keep talking about writing year-after-year. One particular problem that seems to trip up family historians and delays the process is trying to figure out how to turn your facts into entertaining reads for your loved ones. Walking that line between historical accuracy and telling a captivating story about your ancestors can get tricky. In this latest issue of FORUM, Hazel Edwards gives some great tips to help you out in "Writing a Non-Boring Family History."

Plan for your society's success in 2015 with a webinar program.

Here at the end of the year is a perfect time to be looking ahead to what programs and activities you are planning for your society's success in 2015. A very important area to consider for all societies is educational programs. In today's world, reaching out to members and potential members near and far is growing increasingly important for today's genealogical society. In this latest issue of FORUM, Julie Cahill Tarr takes a look at how a society goes about beginning a webinar program and points out key issues societies need to consider before beginning a successful webinar program.

FORUM Table of Contents

3     From the Editor by Sue Zacharias

6     President's Message by D. Joshua Taylor, MA, MLS, FGS President

8     Genome Mate: A Comprehensive Research Tool for Autosomal DNA                Results by Randy Whited

13   Writing a Non-Boring Family History by  Hazel Edwards

16   Implementing a Webinar Program for Your Society by Julie Cahill Tarr

21   Netiquette for the Twenty-first Century by Drew Smith, MLS

25   Family Associations by Christine Rose, CG, CGL, FASG

27   Developing a Blog Reading List by Amy Coffin

31   Records Preservation and Access Committee (RPAC) by Linda McCleary

34   Book Reviews by Paul Milner

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