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FGS 2015: November FGS Ambassadors Summary

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In November, we asked the FGS Ambassadors to write about their past conference experiences, their expectations for FGS 2015, and how they plan for conferences. Somehow, it's already December 1 and time to compile those posts. And somehow, it's only 10 weeks to the conference. (Have you registered yet?)

This month's feature post is from Michelle Ganus Taggart at A Southern Sleuth.

Re-published with permission of the author.
Speaking of Friends – Are you going to FGS 2015?

Louise St Denis, Director at National Institute
of Genealogical Studies and friend Roylene
The Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference is coming to Salt Lake City on February 11-14, 2015, and I can't wait! Although this will be my first FGS Conference, it is far from being my first genealogy conference. I've attended several National Genealogical Conferences, Rootstech and a myriad of smaller conferences.

As I look through the list of classes, keynotes and activities, it appears that this conference promises to be one of the best yet.

Cheryl Goff, Jolene Passey and myself
Cheryl, Jolene and myself
There are so many classes to choose from but I am particularly excited about the classes that will help me write my ancestors' stories and classes
 about technology. Sharing ancestors' stories is a passion of mine and I would like to learn how to do it better. And I really need to learn more about u
sing the technology available. The Compiling Singular Records into Lively Stories track has some great classes to help with sharing ancestors' stories and there are a variety of classes about technology in the Communications for Today track, Modern Access to Vintage Resources track and of course the Technology track as well as Technology for the Future track. There are so many options, it is going to be a challenge for me to narrow it down.

I always love the Exhibit Halls and I am super excited about the one at FGS this year. Having a joint hall with Rootstech means it will be one of the largest Exhibit Halls ever. The Exhibit halls are always bubbling in energy and excitement and packed to the brim with society representatives, genealogy companies, software, books and all kinds of fun genealogy products. Knowing my love for books, I have installed an app on my phone that lists all of the books I already own so that any purchase I make will add to my collection and not duplicate it.

Michelle Goodrum and myself Classes, the Exhibit Hall, activities and meals all will provide opportunities to meet other genealogist from all over. And while there are many aspects of conferences that I absolutely love, I have to confess that meeting and making new friends is one of my favorite parts.
Michell Goodrum and myself

Speaking of friends----I hope to seeYOU there!

For more information and to sign up, go to FGS Conference 2015.

FGS Ambassador Caitlin Gow vlogged her thoughts about the conference. Her enthusiasm is contagious as she talks about making the trip from Australia to FGS 2015.
New FGS Ambassadors:
Six more folks joined our group during November.

Susan Farrell Bankhead: Brick Wall Genealogist@susanbankhead, Google+, Facebook
Shelley Bishop: A Sense of Family@senseoffamilyGoogle+ 
Deena Coutant: DigiDeena Consulting@digideenaFacebook
Michael Dyer: Family Sleuther@FamilySleuther
Linda Robbins: Hollingsworth/Robbins Family Tree@linda_robbins, Facebook
Chris Shackleford: Family Heritage Hunters@FHHunters, Google+, Facebook
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Don't forget to register for FGS 2015. Did we mention It's only 10 weeks away? 

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