Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Copyright and Your Society

Copyright and Your Society via FGS.org
Copyright and Your Society
November is National Family Stories Month, and today is also Common Sense Day.  What better way to celebrate both than by putting our common sense to work and learn about copyright before we start collecting and/or writing those family stories?

Copyright law is confusing, even on a good day.  Sometimes it feels like you need to keep a tiny lawyer in your pocket just to help keep you from using copyrighted materials!  Fortunately, Thomas MacEntee helps us out by explaining different ways to determine whether materials are still protected by copyright, and - even if they are - whether you are still allowed to use them and when.  He also provides places to find creative commons images for use in newsletters and on websites.

Thomas also provides some very helpful tips on how to make sure your own copyrighted material isn't being used without your permission.
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