Wednesday, November 26, 2014

All I Want for Christmas Is…an Alaskan Cruise!

We have all been the recipient of boring or downright bad gifts. Probably not on purpose, but it happens. People have good intentions. They want to remember family and friends with a gift during the holiday season. However, most people either lack the funds or imagination to be a really good gift giver. What can be done about this situation? Communicate! Share ideas with family and friends on what you really want for the holidays—the FGS genealogy cruise to Alaska!

Hopefully most of your family and friends know that you are interested in genealogy (if they don’t know, how and why are you keeping it a secret???). A lot of people have an Alaskan cruise on their bucket list. Why not tell everyone that instead of socks or bath gels what you really want is money towards a genealogy cruise to Alaska (2 for 1!)

All I Want for Christmas Alaskan Cruise! via
::shaking:: Is it an Alaskan Cruise?
How can you spread the word without seeming rude and ungrateful? One way is to use social media. With social media being so prevalent in most of our lives, it is easy to share a wish list with those around us. Many people post the top ten items they want on Facebook or Instagram. Also feel free to tell people face-to-face. Have an open and frank discussion about it.

Another approach would be to agree to not give gifts this year. A few years ago, my in-laws all agreed that it was getting ridiculous spending so much time and money to give gifts that weren’t needed or wanted. We now use the money that we would have spent on extended family to get something that our immediate family really needs or wants. Another year my immediate family pooled our money and went on a trip over Christmas. Best decision ever! Not only did I not have to decorate, there was no shopping, wrapping or extra food to prepare. It really was a great Christmas.  

Hopefully this year instead of fighting the crowds on Black Friday, you find yourself making reservations to join FGS on a fabulous cruise to Alaska!

Visit to learn more or book your reservation.

—Cherie Bush, Social Activities Coordinator, FGS 2015 Alaskan Cruise

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