Saturday, October 18, 2014

Home is Where Family Begins

Where did your ancestors live? Not just geographically, but literally? Do you know?

While looking for interesting events happening during Family History Month, I came across the website of The National Register of Historic Places.  They're celebrating Family History Month by sharing resources that can help you uncover where your ancestors may have lived; highlighting buildings on the Register and sharing resources for putting a location on the Register.

(c) 2011 Laura C. Lorenzana
Wouldn't this be a great way to honor your ancestors? As your research for who your ancestors are progresses, often times locating land and tax records becomes a focus to ensure you've done your reasonably exhaustive search. This site has lots of great resources to help you move your research to the next level. You might even find that home your great grandparents lived in!

(c) 2011 Laura C. Lorenzana

Remember, also, genealogical societies have many of the same type of resources that can help you ramp up your research. The value in joining a society comes in the information that they have; the collective knowledge acquired from years of research. Tap into that knowledge base by exploring a local society today to see what they have to offer.

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