Friday, October 17, 2014

FGS Marshals Its Hundreds of Member Societies to Help Global Family Reunion Fight Alzheimer's

The Federation of Genealogical Societies and the Global Family Reunion Join Forces for the Largest Family Reunion in History

FGS and the Global Family Reunion Join Forces for the Largest Family Reunion in History via
As genealogists and family historians, visiting and interviewing family members is one of the first steps we do when we begin to discover our family history. In fact, capturing our families' stories is an integral part of the research process. For many, it can even be the paramount reason for beginning the search in the first place.

Many times, family historians are left to lament the fact they didn't start sooner...didn't capture those stories...didn't ask...didn't try to find answers and stories...until it was too late.

Moreover, it can be absolutely devastating when the reason we cannot learn the family stories from those who came before us is because of a disease like Alzheimer's, which robs people of their minds...their stories...their self-identity...their lives.

And best-selling author and three-time TED talk speaker A.J. Jacobs along with, well, the world is planning the Global Family Reunion to show how everyone is connected and to show how finding how everyone is connected can be a powerful thing. Powerful enough to fight Alzheimer's.

Because of the amazing advances in technology, the Internet, genealogy, and DNA research, we can find out how we are all connected to each other. According to Jacobs in his most recent TED talk, finding how we are related gives us, " unprecedented history of the human race..." and a sense of "interconnectedness." Watch his less than 10 minutes inspiring TED talk below:

The plans for the Global Family Reunion on June 6, 2015 in New York are well under way to include presentations by celebrities, genealogists, and famous scientists, music, comedy, games, interactive exhibits, and food. (You can't really have a family reunion without the food, right?)

Plus, FGS is joining forces with Global Family Reunion to facilitate the organization of branch parties at genealogical societies across the United States and around the world to bring the live-streamed event to the branch parties. It will be a global event of epic proportions.

But there's just one essential element missing. And that's you. Using the tools available on the Global Family Reunion website, find out today how you are connected to the rest of the world, and then share it with everyone...your whole family! How are you connected? How are you a cousin?

Because, after all, we are cousins in this one big Human Family coming together for our family reunion in order to fight Alzheimer's. Together, we can save our family members...and our family stories.

Genealogical Societies: Interested in organizing a Global Family Reunion branch party to live-stream this epic event and take part in connecting the world to fight Alzheimer's? Contact Randy Whited at

Media: For a full press release with more information, please visit our Media Center. 

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