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FGS 2015 Program Spotlight: Missionaries, Settlers, Ethnic Groups

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Every geographic area has its special research considerations and the west is no different. Learn strategies for researching the variety of groups who made up the Wild West.
Wanted Research Strategies
Ethnic Groups in the West
  • Not sure where to start when you discover a Jewish ancestor? Jennifer Alford, Pe, PTOE, will cover strategies and the many resources available for this challenging group in Jews that Came West.
  • Is you family story about Native American ancestry provable? Learn some techniques to find out in Proving That Native American Family Legend with Billy Fogarty, M.Ed.
  • Hear tips on the "So What" concept for analyzing records in an interactive presentation from Shelley Murphy, DM. Researching People of Color – African Americans provides the basics to start researching your family tree. 
  • Learn basic steps for researching in Latin America. In Latin America Research for Beginners Deborah Gurtler, AG, will discuss how to identify locality, what record types are most useful, and how to read the handwriting. 
Missionaries and Settlers
  • Men and women would venture into untamed lands filled with fervor to convert the unbelievers into believers. Patricia Walls Stamm, CG, CGL, shows what information is available on our ministerial and missionary ancestors in Searching for Our Ministers and Clergy
  • The gold rush produced more than flakes and nuggets; it produced a paper trail. Explore mining records through the story of one man's decade in the Rocky Mountains with Jen Baldwin in A Pine Post Four Inches Square: Staking a Claim on Mining Records
  • While most fashion originated in Paris, westerners developed functional clothing that can date and place a photo. Learn about that and how immigrant attire also influenced frontier dress from Maureen Taylor, MA, in Stetsons Chaps, Prairie Bonnets and Levis: Western Dress Clues.  
  • Cowboys, ranchers, miners, and pioneers, with wanderlust, led to colorful history and lifestyles. Learn about tradition and unique records found in the Wild West in Go West, Young Man: Online Resources for the Western United States with Cyndi Ingle. 
Check out the full program for FGS 2015 scheduled for February 11–14, 2015, in Salt Lake City, Utah and register today

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