Wednesday, October 29, 2014

FGS 2015: A. J. Jacobs Friday Keynote Speaker

A. J. Jacobs
The host of the world’s largest family reunion is coming to FGS and RootsTech 2015. A. J. Jacobs is out to show how we are all related to each other as part of one large family.

Jacobs is an author, lecturer, and the force behind the Global Family Reunion, an event scheduled for June 6, 2015 to show how we are all part of one big family and raise funds for Alzhemier's research.

FGS has joined the Global Family Reunion to facilitate the organization of branch parties at genealogical societies across the United States and around the world to bring the live-streamed event to the branch parties. Learn more about how FGS is involved with this event in FGS Marshals Its Hundreds of Member Societies to Help Global Family Reunion Fight Alzheimer's.

Regarding his appearance at the conference, Jacobs said, "I look forward to talking about how the Global Family Reunion and the Federation of Genealogical Societies can entice more of our 7 billion cousins to jump into the wonderful world of genealogy." Jacobs added, “I’m a relative newcomer to genealogy, but I am thoroughly addicted to it. It’s my favorite way to learn about history – and it’s the ultimate social network.” 

“We’re not alone,” Jacobs has learned. “We’re connected to people all over the world.” 

Jacobs will be one of the keynote speakers Friday, February 13. Register today for FGS 2015.  

Genealogical Societies: Interested in organizing a Global Family Reunion branch party to live-stream that event June 6, 2015 and take part in connecting the world to fight Alzheimer's? Contact Randy Whited at

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