Friday, October 31, 2014

5 Reads Friday: Photo Editors, Newspaper Research, FGS New Hangout On Air, & More

5 Reads Friday from
5 Reads Friday from

Here is a quick round up of genealogy news that has been trending this week on social media — a little bit of this, a little bit of that, some FGS, some family history, some technology, etc. Get in the know for the weekend with these 5 Reads from FGS:

Conducting Genealogical Research Using Newspapers from the New York Public Library — They did a thorough job with this topic and also give a great outline for research that can be used not just at NYPL, but anywhere with offline and online newspaper collections and indexes — public libraries, university libraries, private libraries, archives, historical societies, and (of course) genealogical societies (cough, cough).

National Archives Piece Together the Records of 140,000 First World War Officers by — This is an incredible digitization and cataloging project the National Archives in the UK has done. Not only that but they have an online guide to help you search the collection, and take a look at their lovely online platform, First World War.

10 Free Photo Editor Tools To Make the Most of Your Shots from — Nowadays, what genealogist, family historian, or genealogical society (or anyone for that matter) is not having to deal with editing images? 

23 Free Non-profit Webinars for November 2014 from Wild Apricot — Societies, this is a great opportunity coming in November to take a look at some solutions to help you out with your society and its mission, projects, volunteers, and more.

FGS Google+ Hangout on Air, Connect with FGS — The new monthly hangout on air starts November 6th at 9PM ET hosted by Linda McCauley and myself. Special guests this episode include Cyndi Ingle (Cyndi's List), J. Mark Lowe, and Paula Stewart-Warren. Linda and I are pretty excited about it, but I think we underestimated just how excited YOU would be about it. (Who knew this news would trend?) We will see you live next week on our YouTube channel. Or since it will be recorded you can watch it later on the FGS YouTube channel.

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