Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bringing Technology to Your Genealogy Society

Bringing Technology to Your Genealogy Society from FGS.org
Bringing Technology to Your Genealogy Society
Several years ago, the Southern California Genealogical Society was more “home-grown” than “tech savvy.”  Fortunately, they had a couple of talented and enthusiastic folks among their ranks and they were first able to bring the society into the 20th century … and then into the 21st century.

Maybe your society is considering updating its image.  How do you figure out what to do first?  And next? 

Do you have a few reluctant luddites in your membership or on your board?  Find out how their nay-saying can be used to keep you on your toes!

Do you know if your members are reading your emails and/or publications?  Do you know how to measure your society’s effectiveness when reaching out to your membership and/or community?  Shouldn’t you?

Special thanks to Paula Hinkel, past President of SCGS (currently 2nd Vice President), for letting us peek behind the scenes and learn some valuable lessons from the mistakes SCGS made during this process and how the new technology enabled them to deliver more (and better) services to their members.

Listen to the archived FGS Bringing Technology to Your Society broadcast now below or on our BlogTalkRadio My Society Channel.

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  1. Awesome, to read this. Remembering not every where has internet yet, or cell phone service. WE need to move forward but keep in mind kin in the back country with leaves and mountains. Hope to learn lots more to move us forward.


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