Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bringing Genealogy Societies into the 21st Century

Bringing Genealogy Societies into the 21st Century
Are your members really enjoying themselves?
The face of genealogical societies is changing.  Gone are the days when societies were run like a coffee clatch or a book club.  Potential members are more tech savvy, have more “world experience,” and expect more for their money than a stale monthly meeting.  Maybe it’s time your society started asking the hard questions:
  •  In this busy world, people have less “free” time, so how do you make them want to spend time with your society? 
  • How can your society help people be successful? 
  • What are you offering your members in exchange for their dues?
  • Are you engaging with all of your members AND potential members? 
  • Are your members really enjoying themselves?
  • How can you run your society like a business without it feeling like one?

Curt B. Witcher (Senior Manager of Special Collections at the Allen County Public Library and founding president of the Indiana Genealogical Society) answers all of these questions and more in the archived broadcast of “Bringing Genealogy Societies Into the 21st Century” on the My Society online radio program by FGS or you can listen below:

Check Out History Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with mysociety on BlogTalkRadio

Also consider attending Focus on Societies Day at the FGS 2014 conference in San Antonio on August 27th.  Beginning with a half-day workshop, David Rencher and Ed Donakey of FamilySearch will help you develop sound business strategies for your society’s future growth!  The Focus on Societies Luncheon provides an opportunity to meet and network with other society leaders.  Afternoon sessions will cover a variety of topics related to strategy, social media, and society projects.

~Jenny Lanctot

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