Friday, June 6, 2014

Engaging the Next Generation in Your Genealogical Society

Today at the Southern California Genealogical Society's annual conference, or, Jamboree as it is better known as, FGS President D. Joshua Taylor and Genealogy Blogger 21st-er Elyse Doerflinger presented, "Engaging the Next Generation," which was sponsored by the NextGen Genealogy Network, a virtual genealogy community that "offers to foster the next generation's interest in family history." (Click on Load More after scrolling down all the way to see all the tweets from the session.)

Engaging the younger generations is a common issue with genealogical societies. However during their presentation today, Taylor and Doerflinger offered some solutions. The following is a select Twitter collection of the tweets from their presentation at Jamboree. Scroll through and take a look at their suggestions as tweeted by the NextGen Genealogy Network Twitter account and curated by @FamilyStories (Caroline Pointer).


The main takeaways seem to be to think outside the box for society programming; embrace all interpretations of genealogy and family history; don't just add technology to what you do, but integrate technology into your society; and virtually venture out onto online platforms where the "21st-ers" are already gathering.

What types of solutions has your genealogical society come up with to help engage the next generation? Share your ideas and solutions in comments below!

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