Monday, May 19, 2014

FGS Joins Pinterest

FGS is now on Pinterest.
FGS is now on Pinterest!

Are you on Pinterest?

For those who are using this very popular social media platform, FGS has now joined Pinterest. Not on Pinterest? Consider these interesting statistics about Pinterest:

Therefore, in order to continue linking the genealogical community via online resources, FGS now has a presence on Pinterest. To start, we have added a variety of Pinterest boards, but we will be adding more boards as we go as well as adding new pins every couple of days. The boards we have added so far cover relevant topics for genealogical societies as well as individual researchers such as...

Volunteers - How To Get and Keep Them -- a great resource to help genealogical societies with a challenging problem.

Member Society Spotlight -- a great resource to help individuals find genealogical societies who can help them with their research interests, to help individuals find societies to join, to help individuals find a society to volunteer with, etc.

FGS 2014 San Antonio Conference -- a great place for everyone to keep up with all the latest news about our upcoming national conference in San Antonio, Texas. Plus, we've added pins for travel tips for San Antonio, things for kids to do in San Antonio, and more!

If you are not on Pinterest, don't worry. Most of the information we pin on our Pinterest boards will still be delivered to you on the platform of your choice:

But if you are on Pinterest, please consider following one or more of our boards, and we hope to "pin" you over there. Happy Pinning!


  1. Wow, this is great! Thanks, Caroline!

  2. For me, the interesting thing about genealogy and Pinterest is this: Anything I pin on Pinterest, my much younger 30 something year old sisters and sisters-in-law look at and sometimes show to their children. I could send them info via email and blog about the family until I'm blue in the face and they just yawn. But put it on Pinterest and they read it...on occasion they even ask questions. The upshot for me is if you want to engage the younger generation you need to play in their playgrounds. Pinterest is one of their big playgrounds. FGS pinning has the potential to reach into that same pool of younger people and hook them on genealogy.


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