Wednesday, May 14, 2014

FGS Announces Upcoming Events for 2015 and 2016

FGS Announces Upcoming Events for 2015 and 2016
2013 FGS National Conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
FGS Hosts 2015 Alaskan Cruise, 2015 New York Regional Conference, and 
Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary in Springfield, Illinois in 2016 

The Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) is excited to announce its upcoming events lineup, which includes a 2015 FGS Alaskan Cruise, August 28th - September 4th; a 2015 New York Regional Conference in Syracuse in conjunction with the New York State Family History Conference, September 17th-19th; and the 2016 FGS National Conference in Springfield, Illinois, August 31st – September 3rd.

2015 Alaskan Cruise 
Join your friends and fellow genealogists on the first FGS Cruise in the fall of 2015. This 
event promises to deliver a memorable vacation and education from leading 
genealogists on a variety of topics. Watch for additional information in late 2014. 

2015 New York Regional Conference 
The New York State Family History Conference returns to Syracuse, New 
York September 17-19, 2015. Organized by the New York Genealogical and 
Biographical Society and the Central New York Genealogical Society, the second 
biennial conference has expanded to include three tracks of lectures, a significant 
increase in attendance, and an enlarged space that will accommodate many more 
exhibitors and societies of interest to attendees. One of the conference focal points is 
researching New York families, a pursuit that offers unique challenges and requires 
special techniques and knowledge; the other focal point is building general research 
skills. In 2015, the event will be hosted as a regional conference of the Federation of 
Genealogical Societies (FGS) who will provide topics and events for genealogical 
society leaders and volunteers as part of the conference's activities. 

2016 National Conference 
Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Federation of Genealogical Societies as we return 
to Illinois in 2016. Hosted in the Land of Lincoln, the 2016 conference will feature the 
latest news and updates from the family history community, a full exhibit hall, the 
popular Society Showcase, and sessions related to the Midwestern states, research 
methods, and other topics. 

FGS President D. Joshua Taylor states, “As we watch our organizations meet the needs 
of today's genealogists, we are delighted to offer a variety of activities for 2015 and our 
return to Springfield for our 40th Anniversary in 2016.” 

Currently, registration is open for the Federation’s 2014 National Conference, “Gone to 
Texas,” to be held in San Antonio, Texas, August 27th-30th. Further, the Federation has 
a Call for Papers for its 2015 National Conference, “Connect. Explore. Refresh.” to be 
held concurrently with Rootstech in Salt Lake City, Utah, February, 11th-14th. 


  1. I had a great time at the last FGS conference in Springfield, even met a distant cousin during a hallway chat! I wouldn't mind going back for FGS, see the sites, and do some research on my many mid-west ancestors.

    1. Denise,

      I am excited to be returning to Springfield as well. While I didn't have any Cousin Luck like you, I had a really great time there at that conference. And you're right, it is an excellent time to do research on midwest ancestors.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and reading. And I hope I get to meet you in Springfield in 2016!

      Caroline Pointer


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