Monday, April 15, 2013

Be a Savvy Genealogist!

The FGS Voice Newsletter is a free monthly electronic publication with news, links, and information about the genealogical community delivered directly to your inbox. It includes recent announcements and posts from the FGS Voice Blog, the FGS Conference News Blogand the Records Preservation and Access Blog

You'll learn about upcoming episodes of the FGS My Society Radio Show and coming features in the next issue of the FGS Forum, our quarterly electronic magazine. Plus, there's always a link to the FGS Calendar of Events so you can upload your own society's events and check out what else is going on in the genealogical community. And don't forget to browse through past issues of the FGS Voice Newsletter in the FGS Voice Archives. Each file can be downloaded as a PDF document.

Subscribe to the Voice Newsletter at, and tell all your friends!

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