Monday, December 31, 2012

A Genealogy Community Necrology for 2012

Marcia Rice with the War of 1812 Quilt
FGS 2012 Conference, August 2012, Birmingham, AL
As 2012 winds down to an end, many of us focus on setting goals and resolutions for 2013, some even related to genealogy. In addition, we have a tendency to look back at not just our accomplishments, but those family members and friends who left us during the year.

Many genealogists know the importance of a “necrology” which would be prepared at year’s end and posted in the local newspaper. The list would usually be organized in date order listing who had died, their age and perhaps some other information useful for family history research. A necrology was also a way to pay tribute to those that were lost during the previous year.

Honor Those We’ve Lost

One way that you can honor any person – a loved one, a favorite ancestor, a member of the genealogy community – is by contributing to the Preserve the Pensions - War of 1812 Digitization Fund and utilizing the Honors and Tributes section of the donation form:

All donations are tax deductible and each time a genealogist uses the War of 1812 Pension Files, you’ll know that you helped make such access possible.

In Memoriam

  • John Humphrey, 64. A well-known and respected professional genealogist, John’s most noted contributions were as an author, educator and speaker. He produced the fifteen-volume Pennsylvania Birth Series, and focused on Pennsylvanian, German, Welsh and Moravian ancestry. Read the full obituary here.
  • Kim Kasprzyk, 57. A long-time volunteer with the Illinois State Genealogical Society as well as FGS, Kim was instrumental in the success of the FGS 2011 conference in Springfield, Illinois. Kim was passionate about her family history research and will be missed by many at ISGS and FGS. Read the full obituary here.
  • Marcia Rice, 64. A well-known volunteer with various FGS conference and projects, Marcia was loved and respected for her enthusiasm for family history, and the work of various genealogy societies. Marcia passed away suddenly on October 12, 2012. Read the full obituary here.
  • Louise B. Stern, 101. The wife of noted genealogist and historian Rabbi Malcolm H. Stern, Louise Bergman Stern passed away in February 2012. The Stern-NARA Gift Fund, administered by FGS, was named to honor the late Rabbi Stern. Read the full obituary here.

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