Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Free Content for Genealogy Society Publications from Flip-Pal

Flip-Pal mobile scanner recognizes that resources at many genealogy societies are stretched thin. It can be difficult to create the necessary content for use in society publications that can attract the attention of both current and prospective members.

One way that Flip-Pal can help: providing free articles for use in genealogy society newsletters and other publications. There are no real restrictions involved; Flip-Pal simply wants to get the word out about some of the current and important topics involving the genealogy community. Society leaders and publication editors are encouraged to use the information as they see fit—in a society’s newsletter, quarterly/journal or even on a website or blog.

The latest free article is entitled The Why of Genealogy, which contains ideas on what motivates genealogists in their search for ancestors and how that passion is created and sustained. Click here for more information on how to download and use this article.

Is Your Society A Flip-Pal mobile scanner Affiliate?

Did you know that your society can earn money for each Flip-Pal mobile scanner or accessory purchased through your blog or website? Seriously, other societies are doing this each and every day and earning money from members and non-members. These monies can then be used to support your society’s programs and initiatives.

Take a look at the Larimer County (Colorado) Genealogical Society and see how they are using the Flip-Pal mobile scanner Affiliate program as well as other programs. The affiliate program is entirely free, there is no inventory to stock or minimum amount to sell and you don’t need big ads to get visitors to purchase Flip-Pal items. Sign up today (click here) and feel free to e-mail Flip-Pal mobile scanner Ambassador Thomas MacEntee at to learn how he has helped several genealogy societies and organizations take advantage of the Flip-Pal Affiliate program.

Sign Up To Receive Future Articles

We have more great articles about genealogy and family history in the pipeline and will be sharing them with genealogy societies. Sign up here to receive periodic e-newsletters from Flip-Pal specifically geared towards genealogy societies and organizations. If you are a member of a genealogy society, please pass this information on to your society’s leaders or publications editor!

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