Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Accessible Archives - New Year, New Content!

We hope everyone had a great holiday season. At Accessilbe Archives we have been busy adding new content to our databases and making our website better and easier to use.

Our New Website

Our new website is online at accessible-archives.com and contains detailed information about our collections as well as our online User Manual and FAQs. We have also moved our popular blog from its old site and added it to the main accessible-archives.com site so it is easier than ever to follow.

The new website makes it easier to find information about our:

Our New Content

Over the last month we have expanded our newest Civil War collection — Part VI: Northeast Regimental Histories with new volumes from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Connecticut complete with Direct Browsing links.

We are also expanding our American County Histories to 1900 collection with new volumes from Alabama, Florida, North and South Carolina, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Virginia with more on the way.

Our New Blog Posts

Here are a few of our latest blog posts. You can stay on top of our latest posts by subscribing via email on the site or by adding our RSS feed to your favorite news reader.

Our Offer to You

If you are not yet an Accessible Archives client, now is a great time to become one. We have compiled a list of the questions we are asked most frequently and hope that their answers will address any questions you may have.

If you have more questions or would like to request a trial, please do not hesitate to contact our exclusive sales and marketing agents at Unlimited Priorities. Iris Hanney at iris.hanney@unlimitedpriorities.com, will be happy to help you in any way.

With warm regards,

About Accessible Archives, Inc.

Founded in 1990, Accessible Archives utilizes computer technology to provide vast quantities of archived historical information previously available only in microformat. Diverse primary source materials reflecting broad views across American history and culture have been assembled into comprehensive databases. Developed by dedicated instructors and students of Americana, these databases allow access to the rich store of materials from leading newspapers, books and periodicals then current. Accessible Archives will continue to add titles covering important topics and time periods to assist scholars and students at all academic levels. Accessible Archives has retained Unlimited Priorities Corporation as its exclusive sales and marketing agent. To learn more about Accessible Archives click on URL link: http://www.accessible.com.

Tom Nagy
Accessible Archives, Inc.
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Iris L. Hanney
Unlimited Priorities LLC

About Unlimited Priorities Corporation

Unlimited Priorities is attuned to the management requirements of companies in the information industry. We provide executive-level support services by utilizing a highly skilled group of professionals with abundant experience. Our practice specialties include Sales and Marketing, Business Development, Financial Services, Operations Management, Production, Information Technology, and Content Development and Licensing. Our new Archival Initiatives Division provides advice to libraries, historical societies and industry associations in selecting, distributing, and monetizing their valuable archival content. Our goal is to enhance our clients’ abilities to succeed, offering solutions that are realistic, practical, achievable and affordable. To learn more about Unlimited Priorities Corporation click on URL link: http://www.unlimitedpriorities.com

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