Friday, November 4, 2011

2011 FGS Awards - Archives Award: Willie L. Covington

2011 FGS Awards - Archives Award: Willie L. Covington

The Durham County, North Carolina vital records of births, delayed births, marriages and deaths were in a state of rapid deterioration. Many were crumbling, torn and had broken bindings that needed repair. They were transferred to the Registry of Deeds Office within the last five years and a project to ensure their long-term preservation was immediately initiated and has been accomplished through the leadership of the Register of Deeds, Willie L. Covington. The records were encapsulated in acid-free protective sheets, placed on high-density storage shelves and are openly available for examination by family historians and others who desire access. Mr. Covington is to be commended for his vision and immediate action to preserve these vital records for future generations of those with an interest in the history of Durham County.

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