Monday, February 7, 2011

NEW! FGS/ISGS 2011 Media Center

The FGS/ISGS 2011 Conference Publicity Committee is pleased to announce the opening of the FGS/ISGS 2011 Media Center - A Virtual Press Kit.

What is a press kit? Traditionally, a press kit would be mailed to media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations weeks or even months ahead of the event in hopes of securing publicity for the event.

Well the FGS/ISGS 2011 Conference has decided to create a virtual press kit to better serve not just the media outlets, but its members societies and the genealogy community at large. The Media Center is a green, efficient and cost-effective way of providing a "self service" press kit.

Over the next few weeks you'll see us adding more ads, more articles and even videos to be used in publicizing Pathways to the Heartland.

And stay tuned for tomorrow's exciting announcement related to the Media Center and the FGS/ISGS 2011 Conference!

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