Monday, January 17, 2011

Free Virtual Presentations Roundtable Webinar

Do you want to learn more about virtual presentations – the ability to deliver your genealogy lectures over the Internet – and be able to master this new technology? Are you unable to attend RootsTech “A New Family History and Technology Conference” this coming February? Well now you can not only participate in a free webinar about virtual presentations, but also attend RootsTech virtually!

How? Well through the generous sponsorship of Legacy Family Tree Webinars, the RootsTech session Virtual Presentations Roundtable will be broadcast as a free webinar on Saturday, February 12, 2011 at 1:45 pm MST (3:45PM EST, 2:45PM CST, 12:45PM PST, 8:45PM GMT). Click here ( to register today!

Learn Virtual Presentation Concepts

What better way to learn about virtual presentations than using the actual technology behind this new way of delivering your genealogy lectures? This session will be a panel overview and discussion of virtual presentation platforms, methodologies and how genealogy speakers and genealogical societies can leverage this method of delivering content to expand their offerings to the genealogical community.

With the wider availability of high-speed Internet as well as better and more affordable web conferencing software, many genealogy speakers as well as genealogical societies are looking to virtual presentations for delivery of lectures and workshops.


The panelists for this exciting event include well-known genealogy speakers and members of GSG:
  • Thomas MacEntee (moderator) – creator of GeneaBloggers, a community resource of over 1,500 genealogy bloggers and the founder of High-Definition Genealogy specializing in market research for the genealogy industry. Thomas lectures in-person and virtually on a variety of technology/genealogy topics.
  • Lisa Louise Cooke – creator of the Genealogy Gems Podcast, genealogist and genealogy educator. Lisa delivers content through various media including webinars, videocasts and podcasts.
  • Geoff Rasmussen – of Legacy Family Tree, Geoff has recently been providing a series of genealogy webinars on various topics to the genealogy community.
  • Pat Richley-Erickson – creator of the Dear MYRTLE website and blog, genealogist and genealogy educator. Myrt has been conducting webinars in conjunction with Legacy Family Tree on various genealogy topics.
  • Maureen Taylor – better known in genealogy circles as “The Photo Detective.” A well-known author specializing in forensic genealogy and the use of photographs, Maureen has shared her expertise via webinars and online presentations.
Who Should Attend?
  • Genealogy speakers and educators looking to include virtual presentations methods in their speaking portfolio.
  • Genealogical society decision-makers responsible for providing events and education as well as hiring genealogy speakers.

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