Monday, December 6, 2010

The TechSoup's On - Do You Have Your Bowl?

Are you familiar with Did you know that as a qualified non-profit organization, your genealogical society can acccess not only low-cost or free software and office equipment through TechSoup, but also donations of free items?

TechSoup partners include most major technology companies and providers including Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Symantec and more. Products available include Windows, Office 2010, anti-virus software and even Go-To-Meeting as well as basic office equipment.

Register Your Organization
Before you can begin ordering items and services, your genealogical society must register and be approved through a rigorous process. You will need to create an account at TechSoup with a login and password, provide basic information about your organization, and also provide a copy of your 501(c)(3) qualification letter from the Internal Revenue Service.

Once approved - the process normally takes about two weeks - you will be able to designate one or more persons in your society who can make product and purchasing decisions at TechSoup.

Get Products
Qualifying for TechSoup is the difficult part and shopping is the fun part. If you have ever wanted to bring your society into the 21st century from a technology standpoint, then taking advantage of TechSoup, its community and its services requires your attention. Don't pass up this opportunity!

You can follow TechSoup at its Facebook page and on Twitter.


  1. Since joining, the California Genealogical Society and Library has saved $$$$ on software. We were fortunate to learn about Tech Soup at the California State Genealogical Alliance breakfast at the 2008 Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree. Thanks, Thomas, for sharing this gem with genealogy societies everywhere!

  2. Thanks Thomas! I was just considering how to get new software to track our Societies finances. This could help considerably. I am registering the Society right now!


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