Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Federation of Genealogical Societies Uses Electronic Balloting for Annual Election

The Federation of Genealogical Societies is using electronic balloting for the first time for its 2010 annual elections. The election of FGS officers takes place each fall in accordance with its bylaws. Those bylaws, which can be found at http://fgs.org/about/bylaws.php, call for the distribution of the ballots by September 1 to the delegates of member genealogical societies, historical societies, and family associations. (Member libraries, archives, and associate members do not have delegates and are not entitled to vote in elections.) Ballots are to be returned by October 1.

This year's ballot is being distributed via email by midnight tonight to all delegates of record for all current societies as listed above. Delegates can make their selections for candidates for officer and board member positions electronically and immediately submit their ballots.

FGS has made the move to electronic balloting in order to streamline the process, eliminate the expenses of printing and mailing paper ballots, insure the timely and precise tabulation of votes, and help protect the environment.

We will share more information about the process of developing and implementing electronic balloting in coming months in both an article in the FGS FORUM electronic magazine and in a new Society Strategies Series paper.

Election results will be reported to the FGS President and Secretary by October 15th in accordance with the FGS Bylaws, and the results will be announced in this blog, in the FGS Voice newsletter, and in the FGS FORUM.

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