Sunday, March 21, 2010

Society Strategies Tip: Robert's Rules

Whether you're starting a new genealogical society or maintaining an existing one, it's important that your general meetings and your board meetings be conducted in a way that is fair to all of your members and that keeps things organized and understandable.

Ideally, your society's secretary or parliamentarian should have a copy of Robert's Rules of Order, so that the officers can refer to an authoritative source when there is a question of proper procedure. Also, your society's bylaws should specifically refer to Robert's Rules by name as the go-to source when there is a question of procedure that is not covered under the society's bylaws.

By the way, the most recent version of Robert's Rules is also available on CD-ROM, and can be installed on a computer, making it easy for an officer with a laptop to have it instantly available and quickly searchable as needed during meetings.

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