Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cottage Grove (Oregon) Genealogical Society documents local settlers

The Cottage Grove Genealogical Society began a project in 2006 to research and write about the original settlers of the 88 Donation Land Claims in the Cottage Grove area. Their children and grandchildren would also be identified.

The Oregon Donation Land Claim law was in effect from 1850 to 1855. If a settler was residing in the Oregon Territory by December 1, 1850, a single man could receive 320 acres and a married couple 640 acres. Those coming by 1855 would receive half as much. A map showing the locations of the 88 claims in the Cottage Grove area is displayed at the Cottage Grove Genealogical Society library.

Different members of the Society chose which of the settlers to work on. As reports were finished they were published in the Society's periodical, Trees From the Grove. By the middle of 2009, 23 of the 88 were finished. These were republished in book form as Cottage Grove Area, Lane County, Oregon, Donation Land Claims, Volume I. The book is for sale at $21.95 plus postage of $5.00. It is included in the list of publications on the Society's website,

Information provided by Joanne Skelton, Recording Secretary

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