Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sponsor a Celebrity Walker in the Preserve the Pension Fun Walk at #FGS2014

Preserve the Pensions Fun Walk
Which celebrity will you sponsor?
Thank you Judy Russell. Your promotion of the Preserve the Pensions Fun Walk and the generous offers of sponsorship you have received have inspired us.

We are changing things up!

Instead of a group walk, we have four sponsored walkers for you to choose from: Judy Russell of The Legal Genealogist, D. Joshua Taylor and Kenyatta Berry on behalf of Genealogy Roadshow and Ed Donakey of Family Search.

These four walkers will be competing for your sponsorship to see which of them can raise the most funds for the Preserve The Pensions campaign.

And while we hope those of you who intended to walk will get out and enjoy all that San Antonio has to offer, we ask that you commit to sponsoring one of our celebrity walkers instead.

Judy, Josh, Kenyatta and Ed will walk Saturday morning August 30th at 6:30am. (That’s right Judy, you’ll still have to get up early, that hasn’t changed!)

If you happen to be up at what Judy lovingly calls “oh dark thirty” I hope you’ll consider seeing them off from their starting point at the front of the Henry B Gonzales Convention Center.

Every dollar raised in support of our walkers goes directly to the Preserve The Pensions fund.  Every dollar is matched first by FGS, then again by Ancestry. Every $25.00 sponsorship becomes a $100.00 contribution to the preservation of this incredibly important collection of War of 1812 pensions.

Now all you have to decide is which of these four amazing individuals will get your support!

Show attendees, please stop by the Preserve The Pensions booth 506, 508.
Donate $25.00 to sponsor your favorite walker and pick up your T-Shirt.  (Shirts available while they last.)

For those not attending the show, please visit our donate page at

You’ll see a section marked “Honor and Tribute” where you can select the walker you’d like to sponsor. After the convention we’ll coordinate with you on T-shirt size and shipping.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Society On the Grow

A Society On the Grow via
A Society On the Grow
Is your society suffering from declining membership? Are you looking for new and exciting ways to reach out to the community and increase your membership? Three years ago, the Utah Genealogical Association had a lofty goal: triple their membership by the end of the year. How could they possibly expect to meet that goal?

Learn how they took the time to get together and create a plan by using a Kaizen (a Japanese word meaning "continuous improvement") process, which utilizes the following steps:

1. Define your problem
2. Document your current situation
3. Visualize your ideal situation
4. Define measurement targets (how will you know you've reached your goal?)
5. Brainstorm solutions to your problem
6. Develop Kaizen plan
7. Implement your plan
8. Measure, record and compare results to targets
9. Prepare summary documents
10. Create short-term action plan, ongoing standards and sustaining plan

UGA past President Janet Hovorka and UGA Board Member Christy Fillerup explain how they plan to do it utilizing several different initiatives:

Education - recognized the need for intermediate/advanced genealogical education
Networking - putting researchers in touch with each other for collaboration opportunities
Flexibility - implemented virtual meetings for committee/chapter meetings across the state
Volunteerism - offered varied opportunities to utilize the diverse talents of its membership

You can hear the details in the archived broadcast of “A Society on the Grow” on the BlogTalkRadio My Society channel by FGS or you can listen below:

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A Society on the Grow

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Join FGS at Genealogy Roadshow in St. Louis!

If you are in or around St. Louis, Missouri, this next weekend, August 23rd & 24th, consider coming by the taping of PBS' Genealogy Roadshow from 9am - 6pm. On Saturday, they will be taping at the St. Louis Central Library, and on Sunday they will be taping at Grand Hall at Union Station.

They have also invited local genealogical societies to have a table there. So, while you are there please stop by the Federation of Genealogical Societies' table, pick up a giveaway, and find out exclusive information about upcoming FGS events! Let's talk about how genealogical societies can help you with your family history research.

For more information about the Genealogy Roadshow - St. Louis venue, please visit the Genealogy Roadshow website.

We'll see you in St. Louis!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bringing Technology to Your Genealogy Society

Bringing Technology to Your Genealogy Society from
Bringing Technology to Your Genealogy Society
Several years ago, the Southern California Genealogical Society was more “home-grown” than “tech savvy.”  Fortunately, they had a couple of talented and enthusiastic folks among their ranks and they were first able to bring the society into the 20th century … and then into the 21st century.

Maybe your society is considering updating its image.  How do you figure out what to do first?  And next? 

Do you have a few reluctant luddites in your membership or on your board?  Find out how their nay-saying can be used to keep you on your toes!

Do you know if your members are reading your emails and/or publications?  Do you know how to measure your society’s effectiveness when reaching out to your membership and/or community?  Shouldn’t you?

Special thanks to Paula Hinkel, past President of SCGS (currently 2nd Vice President), for letting us peek behind the scenes and learn some valuable lessons from the mistakes SCGS made during this process and how the new technology enabled them to deliver more (and better) services to their members.

Listen to the archived FGS Bringing Technology to Your Society broadcast now below or on our BlogTalkRadio My Society Channel.

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